PINS Report, 11/30/2011
Nov 2011 30

I was on the hunt for Texas Pompano, and if you want them you need distance, that means Breakaway.

We hit the beach just after dawn and found plenty of dead fish on the north end of the beach (in the first 10  miles) from the latest bout of red tide. Once we passed the 10 mile marker, everything was clean and green.

I had my south head on and kept heading that way until I was in the 40’s and found a bar that I could cast over to target the POMP. When I go looking for POMP in the fall, I especially like the cold clear days you get after a front has gone through.

The wind was light and from the dune to the beach, “offshore”, which will always assist with the distance needed to get the big numbers when after Texas Pompano. You can catch them close but if you want good numbers you need distance. We did really well catching mostly good size, 4 to 5 pounds, and filling the ice chest.

lee holding up his pompano

Some of what we were using included:

Great Story About the Breakaway Cannon
Nov 2011 30

Taylor recently got this wonderful email,

I’ve got a pretty cool story to tell you that involves Breakaway gear. I’ve been going to Eldorado Park lately for casting practice. I’ve met a few of the regulars that fish there.

One guy is probably around 60 yrs old and is handicapped. He went thru the windshield of a car while on the freeway ,leaving his arms and hands really jacked up. He fishes spinning rods and has a hell of a time casting. He lost a lot of dexterity in his hands and has adopted a very funky system to cast his rod. He cannot hold and release the line normally with his right hand. He holds the rod at the reel seat with his right hand and loops the line down to his left hand on the rod butt. He has to release the line with a finger on his left hand.

Needless to say his casting sucks. His buddies cast for him when they are there, but he’s stuck with really short casts if he fishes alone.

I started wondering if he could use the Cannon. I kind of doubted it and thought he may not even be able to wrap the line around it. I had to find out so I went home and picked up my Cannon and a roll of electrical tape. I got back to the park and mounted it on his rig. I loaded it for him and he fired off his first cast with it. He was so use to casting short that he didn’t even see where it went. I told him to look further out next time. He fired off another one and saw how far out he was getting. He instantly got excited! He had a hard time getting the line loaded on the Cannon, but after a few times he was already figuring out what he had to do to make it work.

He could not thank me enough. He was so excited that he wouldn’t have to get his buddies to cast for him anymore. He couldn’t wait for one of them to show up so he could show off a little. He was excited to practice with it to get even better.

I can’t tell you how much that meant to him. He explained to me that two things he really missed since his accident was playing the guitar and casting his fishing rod. He said the Cannon was made for him and he went from handicapped to handicap able.

It was truly a victory for him.

He wants me to order 2 of them for him. I told him that I would get a price for 2 with shipping. He will get a money order to me as soon as I have a total for him.

I didn’t have the heart to take the Cannon off of his rod so I told him that he could borrow it until his got here, lol.

Breakaway Cannon

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