Dec 2012 31

Well thought I would take a trip down PINS no matter how cold it was. The beaches are empty of people only a few wild dear, sea birds and the occasional fisherman. Bait had moved offshore but on the plus side we had plenty of Fishbites and some good eating shrimp to use as  bait. Driving was a 8 and no signs 0f any new weed so I decided to keep heading south until I found some birds  or a second gut I could work. I was in the high twenty’s when I found a blocked first gut producing a suck out into a pinched second gut, birds were sitting on the beach as I approached. First cast and we were into POMPs!  Brenda was putting it to me bringing them in two at a time on her LDX and her Saltist 4000H loaded with Power Pro. Her rig was a DCD3 baited up with Fishbite’s and tipped with eating shrimp and a Breakaway Super Sinker

I decided to put the HDX out with a larger bait and it soon was bent double. I knew it was a good fish and could feel the fish using its head so I was pretty sure it was a big Red Fish. That HDX rod soon had the over sized Red on the beach.

I let this big one go and it swam off nicely.

I did catch a smaller one which I cleaned and was able to take some fresh fish to my old mate Ralph.

In the end we had 3 Reds, a dozen POMP and a couple of Whiting, considering a late start not a bad day.