Mar 2013 02

I received a call from one of my customers who asked if I could check out his cast. He had been to the shop a few weeks earlier and told me he was having problems with his pendulum cast and if I remember it was due to a bad back. I recommended he learn to Back Cast and built him a LDX with a low reel seat for back casting. We arranged to get together on the beach yesterday so I could check his cast out as I had only told him “how to” at the shop when he picked his rod up. I was awesomely impressed to see how well he had developed the cast. I was able to give him a couple more tips but without doubt he is a great Back Caster now. This is his Email he sent me and his picture.



I wanted thank you for all your casting tips this morning. It was a wonderful sunrise and my next great step forward in my long distance casting quest.

Your Back Cast is the only way to go ! Ever since, Mr Breakaway, got me to change from the Pendulum cast to the Back Cast, my yardage has increased two fold. Nick, after you left today, I practiced the new techniques another five times and on the sixth one , I really let one BOOM!!! (LDX with a Penn Squall 15)

I am now a true convert and never going back!

Thank you – Thank You,


Jim Darby