Apr 2013 05

It was a real pleasure meeting you and Brenda last Sunday. Here’s a picture of a redfish I caught near the 35 marker.

The rod in the photo is a Breakaway 10’6″. I use it for both slinging lures and soaking bait. It handles both jobs very well within its recommended weight range. I boGot this great E mail and picture from Jim Layton. Thanks Jim.

Nick,ught it in 2007 and its been used on every one of my beach trips since, catching pretty much everything PINS has to offer. All that fishing will leave its mark but the rod has held up very well – never a failure of any kind.

Thanks for providing great tackle at a fair price and for all of the educational material you’ve provided for free over the years. Most of all, thanks for the inspiration to make that first of many 9 hour drives to PINS.

All the best,
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Apr 2013 04

Got this nice E mail and pictures from our friend Nathan Harwell who got these shots fishing with Chris Sessions.  Chris has our Breakaway ACID wrap rod and hear is a picture of Lee using it to land one of these nice fish. Note how well the system works under load taking the line form the top of the rod to the tip underneath the rod eliminating the desire for the rod to twist and keeping the line nicely off the blank. Thanks Nate. Regards Nickaway













Heya Nickaway,

Here are a few pics from our recent trip fishing with Chris Sessions ( 2weeks ago). Incredibly, Lee outfished us all with a big ling and a nice gag grouper. I included a pic of Breakaway’s Acid Wrap rod getting the job done. Ok man, have a good one