Sep 2013 26

It’s been a long time coming but the beach (Padre Island National Seashore) is starting to go into Fall mode. The Mullet are running and everything seems to be following them.  Sea weed has been light and driving has dramatically improved over the last few days. We fished yesterday for a couple of hours and Klaus, one of my fishing buddies comment weighed it up best, “ She sure turned it on today!” Red fish and trout following the bait, Jacks busting everything and a good catch of Pompano added to the clear water. So get your gear out and get after it. Regards Nickaway.


Pompano Rig of choice DCD3 Breakaway 30z  Super Sinker
















The small 3/0 circle hook used on the DCD3 is certainly big enough to land these bad boys.

Jacks caught on the LDX Rod

PINS 082613Nick2














Note the small hook in the corner of the mouth. Thats why Breakaway rigs all come with circle hooks.










PINS 082613















This Jack will be used for Shark bait. Some of the Sharks around here are pretty big Check this one caught by Albert from Bob Hall Pier and released alive.

Caught on the Breakaway Z1 Rod.



Sep 2013 19

If you have Breakaway and are around the Corpus area on October the 5th we are having a customer appreciation seminar at the shop and then on the beach. Hope you can join us. Please call the office and let us know you are coming. 361-723-0427 Start time 9-30am

Nick Seminar

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