Apr 2014 29

We have weed washing in and covering our beaches. I keep getting calls saying, “when will it clear?”   I don’t know  the answer to that one but, I do know I have caught a ton of fish under it.


When its windy 20 mph plus.

You can not hold against weed so don’t try.

You cannot fish weed from a stationary position.

Long rods make it tough.


Long open beaches where you can walk in the direction of the current.

When the wind is light.

When you use a short rod and light tackle.

When you can wade through the weed to the first gut and fish walking with the weed.

If you hook a fish keep your rod tip high, line short and back out of the surf.

REMEMBER: Slide your feet. Rays can be under the weed.

I know this is not the first time I have posted this but for those that have not seen it a PDF on fishing the weed.


Some other things about the Sargasso weed which I posted to my Facebook:

Sargasso weed is helping remove the nitrates from the Gulf, which is some of the shit we put into it. Red Tide has killed off our Trout stocks on PINS and thrives off nitrates that flush out of the Mississippi. I much prefer the Sargasso as it is the Gulf cleansing herself. On another note, the wife and I really do enjoy fishing the weed beds with light lures when the wind drops, makes me smile.


Picture of the weed from 2000










Apr 2014 01

















Our friend Elvis Tito Gonzales Llerena who lives and fishes in Peru caught this nice Corvina 4.75kg in the surf using the Breakaway 10/6 Omega.


The Omega rod is a top rod for slinging plugs. Short enough to get action in the plug and long enough to reach out and touch the big boys. Thanks for the great report and pictures Elvis.