Dec 2014 28

Fishing PINS

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This video is of Fishing Padre Island National Seashore Texas 2014

Nickaway and Brenda.

Nov 2014 13

My niece, Sienna-mai, has been battling Cystic Fibrosis since she was 4 weeks old. We are working hard to get her an Airway Clearance System Vest that will help to loosen the mucus build-up and allow her to breath better and reduce the risk of major hospital stays.

In order to help get her the vest, we are going to raffle off one of our new Breakaway GDX 12′ rods. You can buy either a single ticket for $5 or a pack of 5 for $20.

You can also read more about her progress and struggles, as well as, donating directly to her fund.

And here is a brief word from Sienna

“I was diagnosed with cf at 4 weeks old already i have had to be in hospital 3 times been on a nebuliser for 4 months had a operation got psedomonous with eats away at lungs i take 30 tablets a day im just 13 months old i look very healthy on the outside but its my inside that you can see my mum and dad are trying to raise money for me to get a vibration vest which will help me to lift mucus fom my lungs if anyone could spare any small donation please help love sienna-mai.”