Aug 2016 29

Got this from Pro Team Breakaway Member Deon Hunter.

I have been targeting a tiger shark for a while now, and Friday night I got him! A male Tiger shark 10 feet 2 inches, thank you Lord.

I was using the Breakaway HDX 13 foot acid wrap with a low reel seat. The real was avid 50 wide, 100 lb jb hollow core braid, the hook was a 20/0 eagle claw circle hook and the bait was a Cownose Ray.

It took me 1 hr and 45 min to land this tiger and the HDX handled it with ease.
The photo is not that great , my main concern was too see him released safely as I was by myself.

What an awesome experience!

Great report and well done Deon. Its not many rods that I know off that have recorded casts of over 750ft and have landed a pluss 10ft Tiger Shark. Thanks Deon for your support. Regards Nickaway

10ft 2in Tiger caught on HDX T Butt Acid wrap.

Tiger Shark by Deon Hunter












Aug 2016 15

Soon be time to get those long rods ready check out the video.


If you are interested we have the full breakdown of the cast on the video which is available at