Mar 2016 29

Free seminar at 9am saturday the 2nd at the shop. Will go to the beach after.

Subjects covered:
How to build clip down rigs
Rod, Reel, and terminal tackle balance
Long distance plugging
Setting up on the beach
Backcasting heavy baits
Try out our rods


Brenda Red April 2015

Brenda Red April 2015


Mar 2016 14

Just got this Email and wanted to share.
Best rod I ever had or will have:
Hello Nick this is Don Liss you sold me HDX tournament butt rod not too long ago I attached a picture of my son catching his first fish in Alton MO 70 lb plus blue there must have been twenty people around staring at your rod, it worked like charm and landed this in five minutes.  Expect some phone calls.